How to Save Webpage as PDF on Android


Are you amongst those people who love reading a lot of webpages on a daily basis? Do you find it difficult to read them in a go? Do you want to save these webpages for later reading? Then this trick might prove handy for you. Using this method you will be able to save the webpage you like as a PDF file on your smartphone. This is one of the easiest tricks and can be done without installing any third-party app. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.


Please note, we shall be using Google Chrome browser on Android

Save Webpage as PDF

  • Log on to your favorite webpage on Google Chrome for Android.
  • Open any article or a webpage you like to save as PDF.
  • Click on the three dots as shown in the picture below.

  • From the menu, click on “Share“.

  • Now from the next pop up menu select “Print“.

  • This would take you to a new window where you need to select “Save as PDF” from the drop-down menu as shown below.

  • Hit the “PDF” button to save the document to your internal or eternal memory.

  • Finally, edit the file name when prompted if required and hit “Save“. You can also browse any specific location to save the file as well.

  • You have successfully saved the webpage you like as PDF for later use.

The trick does not let you manually select the content you need on a webpage. The complete webpage including each and every aspect shall be converted to PDF. Yes, there are third-party extensions and apps available which can give you access to the webpages in offline mode but they also come for a premium price and the free version would be highly limited with functionality.

I hope you could save your favorite webpage as a PDF. If you face any issue, comment below and we shall revert.

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