Soon Airtel May Start Selling Unlocked iPhones

Airtel-Unlocked iPhones As many of you are aware, nearly a year ago, Airtel and Vodafone started selling locked iPhones in India that was made available only to their customers. But as per a recent release, Apple, the manufacturer of iPhones have authorised Bharti Airtel to unlock all previously sold iPhones and also start selling unlocked phones in all its stores across the country.

Once, Airtel starts selling unlocked iPhones, then it will not be bounding for the customers to continue using Airtel connection and he/she can purchase any other operator?s SIM card and use it right away as it is done in any other GSM phones.

Though, Apple has granted permissions to Airtel (including many other global operators), Airtel?s media person is yet to acknowledge the fact and comment on this news. Another thing to be kept in mind is, already there are many stores in India selling unlocked iPhones illegally that can be used with any operator. So we think, there must be hardly any customer left, who must be waiting for Airtel or Apple to start selling unlocked iPhones officially in India.

What?s your take on this? Will you wait to get a genuine unlocked iPhone or prefer one from a grey market?

(Source: Business Standard)

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