Symbian is now Free and Open Source Mobile OS

Symbian Operating System has now become an Open Source thereby allowing it to be downloaded freely from their official website. The Symbian OS which was mostly available in Nokia phones and characterized these phones from other companies, has been finally released for free download. This software can be found in over 300 million phones across the world. However, with the introduction of better operating systems such as Google’s Android and iPhone’s OS, Symbian began to show its cracks.

The decision to make it an open source platform was to enable manufacturers and developers alike to customize the platform and to make the perfect hybrid of core technology and excellent user interface. Also, if you are unaware, the S60 OS has even been used in Sony Ericcson’s most popular phones – Satio and Vivaz and also in many Nokia and Samsung phones!

So now, what we have to wait and watch is, if existing millions of Symbian phones will be affected by this transition to Open source, irrespective of the number of users who will be finally glad that one of the most exciting softwares is out and downloadable for free.

Meanwhile, do you think, this step can ever take Symbian at-par to Android and iPhone  operating systems?

(Link: Official announcement)

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