DoCoMo’s BuddyNet users can now Transfer or Gift Balance to their Friends

TATA DoCoMo’s BuddyNet users can now recharge/top-up any other member under their BuddyNet group and also gift recharges to their BuddyNet buddies.

docomo buddy net balance transfer

Following is the process of Balance Transfer & its Charges:

  • In order to transfer Balance, the subscriber needs to type “BT<Space>Target Mobile Number <Space> Amount” and send it to 54321
  • For Example to Transfer Rs.25 Talk-time from 9030012345 to 9030099999. The sender types  "BT 9030099999 25" and SMS to 54321

FAQ on Balance Transfer

The following is the process of Gifting a Recharge and its Charges:

  • To Gift a recharge, subscriber needs to type “Gift<Space>Target Mobile Number<Space>Gift a recharge amount” and send it to 54321
  • For example 9030012345 gifts the pack to 9030099999. The sender types " Gift 9030099999 11" and SMS to 54321.

FAQ on Recharge Gifting

The above initiative is a nice thing, considering, any DoCoMo customer can himself recharge another DoCoMo customer’s number without the help of anyone at any point of time!

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