Track Indian Mobile Numbers and STD Codes without Internet Connection!

Well, there are lot many ways available on the internet for tracking mobile numbers and STD codes. In fact, in the past, we mentioned a way to track or locate mobile numbers and their area. But imagine a situation wherein you are not connected to the internet or don’t even have a computer with you but you want to locate the area of a particular number.

In this post I am going to mention a way, wherein you will be able to locate the area of any Indian mobile number or STD codes without having to connect to the internet. This is a nice trick if you want to find out the area/circle of a specific mobile number but do not have internet connectivity on your computer. Using this trick you can also find the location of a specific STD codes or even get the STD code by entering the name of any Indian city/town.

Tracking Mobile Numbers without Internet connectivity

You just need to download this excel sheet and, as shown in the screenshot below, enter first 4 digits of the mobile number that you want to track on the green field and hit ‘enter’ key. Voila.. its done, within milliseconds the area of that mobile number will be located on the next cell.


Similarly, you can also track STD codes with needing to have internet connectivity.

Thank you Gurpreet for the Excel sheet! 🙂

Links: Download offline Mobile and STD codes tracker | Mobile number locator


  1. anshu mishra Reply

    you give me step by step Track Indian Mobile Numbers and STD Codes without Internet Connection!”

  2. Anu Reply

    Is there any software that can trace accurate location of any mobile in INDIA (WORLD) via Internet?

    If “YES”, & u have, than can you send me?


  3. ROLEX Reply

    how can i locate a friend and get his address if i have his mobile no. in India pl help. can we get excess to the list of voters in India. and search them there.

    pl reply thanks

  4. SUNJAI Reply

    Browse for free in bsnl network.keep in mind that ur access point must be portal and ur balance must be Rs.200 or above.activated gprs .u can use mig33 which provide all msger at one place for chatting 24X7 for free.use it urself but speed is gud in morning

    SUNJAI (hyd)

  5. SUNJAI Reply

    safe browsing tips for mobile users
    1.Always clear cache & cookies.
    2.Read two times before clicking on link.
    3.One click can reduce ur money.Always check @ rs.
    4.Always keep an eye on address bar while browsing.
    5.Don’t save ur password in remember me.
    6.Keep updating ur antivirus.
    7.Use m. Or wap. in place of www.
    8.After browsing check packet data usage in log

  6. SUNJAI Reply

    permanent block.if u lost ur mobile than u can permanent block ur cell by showing the bill of purchashed cell to the dealer.he can block it.other person cannot use it

  7. anand Reply

    is there any software which can trace the mobile.if so,please send that software to my id.thank u

  8. Mohammed Abrar Ahmed Reply

    Hi Deepak Jain,

    This sheet was very usseful to me. Thanx a lot for posting it here.I did require the formulas listed in the sheet if you could help me with the sheet password that would be very helpful. Thanx alot again.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @Mohammed Abrar Ahmed
      Actually I am not the owner of the sheet and I collected it from somewhere on the internet. So I cannot help you with the password!

  9. SIVAYOGI.E.N Reply

    hi deepak jain. i am really very happy to see ur wonderful work. its really working.thanks a lot and best wishes for your hard work

  10. Roseann Reply

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  11. Jerald Reply

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