Uber Dial – Book an Uber without installing their mobile app

Uber India has just announced a new feature – Uber Dial, wherein its users can book an Uber ride without having to install their mobile app. To book a ride, a user has to just visit their page – dial.uber.com from their mobile browser and request for a ride and pay in cash after the trip.

Uber dial screenshot

However, as per the official announcement from Uber, the dial feature is currently live in only 4 Indian cities namely Nagpur, Guwahati, Kochi, and Jodhpur.

How to use Uber Dial

  1. Visit dial.uber.com from your mobile browser
  2. Enter your phone number to either sign-in or register
  3. Enter your desired destination and request for a cab
  4. You’ll get a booking confirmation and will be automatically connected to the driver over a system generated call
  5. Pay cash after the trip ends

As of now, pay using card feature is not available on Uber dial. We also tried using Uber dial in Hyderabad but couldn’t use it. We are hoping to see this feature rolled out in other cities soon as it could be quite difficult for the low-specs smartphone user to always have the app installed on their phone.

Source: Uber India

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