How to View & Manage Stored Passwords on Google Chrome for Android


Google Chrome has an ability to save password various websites you log on to. Apparently, Google Chrome will not let you save login credentials for banking websites. Bur it can easily prompt you to save passwords for other nonbanking websites including Google itself. This feature not only saves and stores your login credentials but will also let you set strong passwords for your perusal.

When you store these passwords they get registered on Google Chrome and will be available whenever you log onto websites of your choice.  Now in this how-to guide, we shall see how can you view the stored passwords easily.

View & Manage Stored Passwords on Google Chrome

  • On your phone, open Google Chrome and head towards the “Settings” panel.


  • Inside the settings menu, click on “Passwords“.


Now under the head “Passwords”, you can see all the login credentials of your favorite websites stored. By default you can only see the login ID, to view the password for an entry follow the steps below.

  • Click on any one of the entries you like.
  • On the resultant windows, exactly near the password field, click on the “Eye” button.
  • This will prompt you to enter either your password or pattern registered on the device for native security of the Android device.
  • Now you can see the site’s name, username, and password. Apparently, this particular page will not let you edit the password or any field. The only options available is to delete the entry.

If you like to edit or manage the password follow the steps below

  • Inside the Passwords panel (Open Google Chrome->Settings->Passwords)
  • Click on “View and manage saves passwords in your Google Account or you can also visit
  • Once you reach Google’s official password manager, search for the entry you like to modify.


  • This will ask you to verify your identity. Hit continue.


  • Once you verify your identity you will get to edit the entry as per your needs.


However, please note

  • Do not attempt the same on public computers.
  • Do not attempt the same on public WI-Fi.
  • Never show your passwords to others.
  • This method can disclose your credentials hence do it very carefully.

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