Vodafone Launched Ultra Low Cost Phones during Mobile World Congress

In MWC, Vodafone launched the cheapest mobile phone. While all other manufacturers are launching expensive phones with the latest in technology, Vodafone has managed to grab the world’s attention. It obviously has just the basic features which anyone would want in a cell phone like sending messages and making voice calls and comes with a monochrome screen and retro looking keypad.


The other phone launched by Vodafone is the Vodafone 250, which is slightly better when considered over the 150 (the previous one). It has a larger color screen and is also equipped with a torch and FM radio. It is lightweight and sturdy and comes with 5 hours of talk time. So you obviously might be wondering about the price of these phones. Vodafone 150 costs about Rs750 and Vodafone 250 costs Rs 1000 approximately.

These ultra low cost phones will surely ensure success in the mobile industry, especially in rural areas where it will gain a lot of sales. But my guess is that, it will do well in the urban areas as well, mainly due to the price, which will entice the youth to have any of the two phone as their second phone. These phones are primarily going to be sold in developing and under-developed nations such as India and African nations like Kenya and Tanzania.


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