Vodafone launches ‘Chotta Magazine’: A Magazine Application for Mobiles

Since call rates are going down day by day, leading cellular operators are trying to woo their customers by offering better value added services. Vodafone has launched a virtual magazine for mobiles, downloadable as an application into phones. This application called "CHOTTA MAGAZINE" can be downloaded for free.

In this application, magazines are listed categorically, so it is easy to access a particular magazine. Customers can also purchase either the collection of entire magazine or just his/her favorite article. Magazines can also be read easily, as the layout is very easy and it is just like reading a book. There are also options of keeping Bookmarks, which helps you to tag your articles. You can also Search for articles of interest in this unique application.


The magazines over here cost lesser than the copies available in the market. The monthly subscription is also lesser over here. Downloading of the application is free of charge and you just need to pay for the magazine, or an article in the magazine, that you download. Though, note that data usage charges apply as per the scheme opted by you. Downloading can be through the following easy steps :

  1. Using Vodafone Live, go to the Chotta Magazine download page.
  2. Click on the Chhota Magazine icon to download the application.
  3. Charges for Data usage are 10p/10KB

This seems a very cool application for all those who regularly purchase or subscribe magazines in the market. Since you can just purchase an article you like, it is easy on the pocket also. For example, Stardust entire magazine costs Rs30 , whereas just an article costs Rs7. This application is also unique and a first in this sector, thereby enticing more cellular users to shift to Vodafone.

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