Windows Concept phone

The concept phones are increasing every year. Some companies implement their concept on their upcoming models but most of them are still in R & D. These concept phones need lot of time, technology and money so we have to wait.

Nokia announced its concept phone Nokia 888 communicator few years back which can change its form according to our needs.  Now there is a new concept phone “Window Phone” designed by Seunghan Song.

It is designed in a transparent glass sheet. It  predicts the weather wherever you go  and displays the weather condition on the screen.

It has also got call mode, handwriting mode and text message mode. Just blow on the phone and start writing the number you want to call or type the message you want to send.

This is a great concept phone . If this phone gets released you don’t need to look for weather updates or a keypad to type.

For more details about this Windows Concep Phone, check  this link.

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