Android Vs. iPhone OS – A Quick Overlook

There seems an endless debate between the smart phone users who are now divided into two groups – The Android users and the iPhone users. And when we took a closer look Android seemed to be a step ahead. The foremost reason being the ability to Multi-task. Devices like the Nexus One can run processes in the background. Being an OS by Google itself, it features all the Google services and the ability to always add more. With Google offering opportunities to developers, the Android will soon have its share of applications. Not only does the Android supports more wireless carriers, the special Flash Lite browsing feature is unique to it. Android can be installed in a variety of devices with different hardware configurations and customized to your needs. Last but not the least – the Battery and Memory Card issue. Unlike iPhone, Android offers you to use removable memory cards and battery replacement (Because of course you can install it on a device of your own choice).

And with all the secrets open, lets see if Android truly becomes the popular choice.

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