How to Auto Clear Cache on Android (MIUI 9 or Later)


Today Android Smartphones are coming up with huge storage options. The storage gets filled up really soon without your knowledge in the background. Cache on Android is something that can be easily cleared without any risk. Apps on your Android phone store data and information on these cache files which are temporary in nature. Hence can be manually removed or automatically if your phone supports such a function.


Purpose of Cache on Android

Cache produced on your device helps to store information and data for quick access to applications. For Eg. Instagram might cache your feed so that you do not have load the feed again when you open the app. Websites, Android apps and most of the games store these cache on your device for quick access.

These cache files work in the background and simply makes your browsing experience faster. At the same time, they also take up a lot of space on your device.

Why Should I Clear Cache?

1 – They take up a lot of space hence clearing them can save you a lot of space.

2 – Cache stores sensitive data and information hence clearing them will clear such information as well.

3 – Cache stores website’s data hence any updates made will not be shown unless you clear the cache.

4 – System performance and application stability improvements are seen.

The below method is shown on Xaiomi devices running MIUI 9 or Later.

Auto Clear Cache on MIUI

Step 1 – Open the “Security” app on your MIUI Device.

auto clear cache on miui 9 10

Step 2 – Click on “Battery“.

auto clear cache on miui 9 10

Step 3 – Now Click on the settings gear on the top exactly below the battery bar.

auto clear cache on miui 9 10

Step 4 – Now from the resultant menu select “Clear cache when the device is locked“.

auto clear cache on miui 9 10

Step 5 – Simply select the time after which you want the cache to get cleared.

auto clear cache on miui 9 10

Cons of Clearing Cache

Though clearing cache has its own benefits on Android, it does have some cons as well.

1 – Clearing cache will completely clear all the apps working in the background.

2 – Most of the apps will have to load again in order to show you the app contents.

3 – This is not a permanent solution as the data starts accumulating as soon as you start using your phone.

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