How to Enable/Disable App Categorization on Poco Launcher for Android


The Poco F1 from Xiaomi had disrupted the premium smartphone segment last year. The phone offered some premium specs at a very affordable price range in India. The phone also introduced Poco Launcher alongside which really went head over heels. The launcher got a lot of praises from the people who bought the phone. The company alternatively bought the launcher for other smartphones as well. It can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store for free. The app for the first time ever bought an app drawer to a Xiaomi manufactured smartphone in India.


The app also lets you automatically categorize apps which were also appreciated a lot. In this tutorial, we shall learn how to enable or disable this auto-categorization on Poco launcher 2.0.

Features of Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco launcher has got a lot of features baked inside the app for your perusal. The third-party launcher is really snappy and is impressive with its response time as well. The launcher lets you customize almost every aspect of its features. The few are being listed below.

  1. The launcher can enable dark mode for better viewing and night reading.
  2. Custom icon packs can also be installed and used.
  3. The layout can also be customized as per your needs.
  4. App drawer lets you toggle suggestions, group icons by its color and you can also personalize the app drawer scroll bar.
  5. It also comes with notifications badges for all the apps.
  6. And lets you activate double tap to lock screen right from the launcher settings.

Enable App Categorization on Poco Launcher

To enable app categorization, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download and install Poco launcher from the play store.
  • Once installed, head towards the app drawer and access the drawer settings as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Moving ahead, under “Home screen and Recents“, click on “Manage app categories” under “Personalization” head.


Now simply toggle on the head “Categorize apps“. All the apps shall be automatically get categorized.

Disable App Categorization on Poco Launcher

To disable the auto-categorization feature on your Poco launcher simply follow the above steps and toggle off the head “Categorize apps“. This would completely disable app categorization on your phone with Poco launcher 2.0.

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