Want a dedicated Button for Google Assistant on Android. Here’s How to do it


With Android and its evolution, there are a lot of possible ways where you can easily customize the phone and make it work as per your needs. It ranges from customizing the phone, rooting it and enable tonnes of personalization options.


Now with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 series, we saw the phone comes with a dedicated Bixby button and something similar in nature came with the Google pixel devices where squeeze gesture would invoke Google Assistant for your disposal.

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In this particular post, we shall learn how to turn any of the hardware keys on your phone into a dedicated Google Assistant Key.

Assign a Dedicated Button for Google Assistant on any Android Smartphone

The procedure to turn any hardware key into a dedicated Google assistant key is called button mapping. For this method to work you need to download and install an app called “Button Mapper”.

Download Button Mapper

  • Once you have downloaded the app, open it and follow the rest of the procedure as shown below.
  • You have to give the app certain permissions as shown below, go ahead and do it. Without these permissions, the app won’t work as desired.


  • Another set of permissions have to be given for accessibility.


  • Most of the common buttons would be shown as an option. But you can also add more buttons if required. The app will only map a physical key if it gets detected by the app.


  • In this tutorial, we shall be mapping the volume up key as the dedicated Google Assistant Key. You can select other available options as well. Click on “Volume Up” under Buttons. And toggle on the “Customize” option.


  • Now going a little further you can choose when to activate Google Assistant, on a single tap, double-tap or long-press. We recommend using double tap sine it would not interfere with volume adjustments. Click on “Double tap” and select assistant from the resultant menu.


  • You have successfully enabled a dedicated Google Assistant key to your Android smartphone. Double-tap the volume up button and you will get Google Assistant to your disposal.


In our testing, this worked flawlessly. Using double tap on volume rockers would not interfere with volume controls on your smartphone. The app comes with other features also but they are only available if you buy a premium subscription to the app. But since the majority of the smartphones have only volume keys and power button, the free version would be just OK.

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Hope you could get a dedicated Google Assistant key for your smartphone. If you face any issues, comment down below.

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