How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome for Android


In this particular post, we shall let you know a small trick which would enable native dark mode support on Google Chrome for your Android smartphone. This mode is not enabled by default and we have to tweak Google Chrome flags to enable the same. The dark mode is everywhere, on your Android operating system, on apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and others. Dark mode enabled on Smartphones having AMOLED display saves a bit of battery and reduces the consumption of power.

Let us see how can you do enable Dark mode support on Google Chrome for your Android Smartphone.

Step 1 – Update Google Chrome on Android to version 74 or later. This can be done using My apps section on Google Play Store or simply search Google Chrome and hit update if not done already.

Step 2 – Enable Chrome Flag. Open Google Chrome app and type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter to continue. From there search for “Android Chrome UI Dark Mode“.

Step 3 – Now click on Default and hit the Enabled button and click on Relaunch Now for the changes to take effect.

Step 4 – Once you are done with all the above steps, go to the app “Settings“.

Step 5 – Now click on Dark Mode. If the Dark mode option is not available yet, then simply force close the app and open it again. The Dark mode option would be there.

Step 6 – Close Google Chrome and open it again for the changes to take effect (Optional but recommended). You will have the dark mode enabled on your Google Chrome for Android.

However please note this dark mode is not scheduled hence every time you need to disable or enable it you need to do it from the settings panel. This dark mode is still work in progress and you will get a dark theme to the main browser UI, including the new tab page, the tab switcher, address bar, and various menus within the app. The websites being browsed would not see the change and this is to be done either from the Google Chrome Team or the websites have to make them compatible to use the Dark Mode through the web browser.

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