How to Disable Animations on your Xiaomi Phones with MIUI


If your Android phone is running slow and have frame drop issues while gaming then you must stick to this post and get your issue resolved right away.


Android is an amazing user-oriented operating system owned and managed by Google. Its evolution with every new version sets an overall improvement to the operating system. But after using the operating system for some while it tends to slow down a lot and you will often notice a lag while using your phone.

Most of the phones with high end or flagship specs would not have major issues but phones with mid-range or low specs would some or the other time will face such an issue. Most of the time, we do not have any option rather giving the phone a quick reset or a hard reset.

Proprietary skins like MIUI on Xiaomi Phones consume a lot of resources which can also cause slowing down of your phone, frame drop issues, and lag. The steps shown below involve slight settings inside the Developers Option hence we recommend you to do it on your own risk and under guidance. Please do follow the guide very carefully and do not perform anything other than what is shown below.

Steps to Disable Android Animations

Step 1 Move into the settings panel of your phone.

Step 2 Enable Developers Mode. To enable it on Xiaomi Phones with MIUI you need to go to “About Phone” and tap MIUI version 7 times to enable it.

Step 3 Move back to the Settings page, scroll down to find “Additional Settings“.

Step 4 Inside Additional Settings, scroll down to find “Developers Options”.

Step 5 On the landing Developers option page scroll down to find the Animation Scale.

Step 6 Select all the animation scale as shown in the picture above and scale it down to .5X or disable if required.

Step 7 (Optional) Reboot your phone and you will see an instant improvement in the speed of your phone.

However please note this is not a sure shot formula to improve your slow Android phone as there are various other factors which can cause sudden slowdown and reducing an animation scale is just an option.


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