How to Change Default Apps on Xiaomi Phones


Well, default apps page is a section available on most of the Xiaomi phones running on MIUI 9 or later. Using this we can set our favorites as the default apps. On Xiaomi and Redmi phones, you can set defaults for the launcher, dialer, messaging, browser, camera, gallery, music, email, video playback and more.

The system also gives you the ability to reset the defaults to factory settings with a single click. This works on every Xiaomi or Redmi phone running MIUI 9 or later. So let us see how to do this.

Change Default Apps

Step 1 – Go to your phone “Settings“.

Step 2 – Scroll down to find and click on “Manage apps“.

Step 3 – On the landing page, to the top right corner click on the three dots and access the menu. Now click on “Default apps“.

Step 4 – Simply click on the items you like to change and choose your favorite app from the list.

Step 5 – You are done. If you need to change or reset the default app in future then head towards Step 4 and click on “Reset to defaults“.

Please Note

1 – The list will show only those apps which are installed on your phone.

2 – Every default apps that you change would be shown as a security threat under the “Security” app present on Xiaomi and Redmi phones. Do not fall for this, it’s just a gimmick.

3 – For every app that you change, make sure to clear data and cache for them not to access information and generate unnecessary notifications.

App Recommendations

1- For Launcher, you can choose either the default on your phone or can choose from the best third-party launchers available on the play store.

2 – For Dial please do use the default.

3 – For Messaging apps you can have a look at our previous posts which have details on apps for productivity and some essentials apps for your Android.

4 – For Browser and Camera we recommend using Google Chrome and GCAM or Google Camera Port respectively.

5 – For Gallery and Music, Xiaomi and Redmi phones have the best apps already installed.

6 – For Email and Video we recommend using either Gmail or Outlook and MX Player respectively.

These are some recommendation from our side and should not be deemed as the best apps. You can for sure choose the apps you think are worthy enough and does solve your purpose.

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