How to Enable Screen Pinning on Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 or 10


Screen pinning is a feature on Android smartphone and tablets that enables the user to only show a specific app screen. This means all other functions of the phone are locked, apart from the one app that is pinned. This feature comes handy in situations where you need to hand over your phone to a friend or relative. They will not be able to browse through any other app on the phone except the one you have pinned.


Now with stock Android and other devices, this feature is easily available. But with Xiaomi’s MIUI this feature is apparently missing or disabled. Hence in this how-to guide, we shall see how can you enable the feature and that too without rooting the phone. To enable this feature you need to download and install the app developed by 4A called “Settings Database Editor”. This is a very easy method but risky at the same time hence people with no idea about database editing should not attempt to execute any other function apart from the one mentioned and explained below.

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This is just for informational purposes and Mobile Gyaan or any of its members would not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with your phone. Make sure you carry out the process exactly as explained. Enabling this feature may not work all the time hence do not attempt this again if you failed at the first attempt.

Enable Screen Pinning on Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 or 10

  • Head towards the Google play store, download and install “Settings Database Editor” by 4A.
  • Open the app and go to “System Table”.

  • Press “Add new setting” and type: lock_to_app_enabled and click save.

  • Now you will be asked to Input Value so here type “1” (to turn ON) or “0” (to turn OFF).

  • Now you can Pin Apps from recent apps screen.

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However please note the following,

  • Please don’t use screen pinning in ‘full-screen gesture’ mode as it’ll not work as intended and can cause problems.
  • Also, the very first app from the recent apps screen can only be pinned.
  • To Unpin an app press Power + Home button.
  • On smartphones other than the one’s running MIUI the feature could be found inside the “Security Settings” inside the primary “Settings” tab.

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