Enable Incognito Mode Every Time You Open Google Chrome on Android


What is an Incognito Mode on Google Chrome?

Incognito mode on Google Chrome specifically is a feature that supercharges your privacy by disabling browsing history and web cache. The mode also restricts the storage of data in cookies and flash cookies on local data which is then available for retrieval at a later stage.

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Benefits of Using Incognito Mode

  • It reduces the storage of history which includes autofill, browsing, and individual or group information.
  • Performing “pure searches” that are not influenced by prior browsing history or networks or friends’ recommendations, which may weight and more highly rank certain results than others.
  • Preventing accidental saving of login credentials to accounts.
  • Signing in to multiple accounts simultaneously, via multiple tabs.
  • Preventing other users of the computer from finding one’s search history.
  • Viewing explicit material without outside knowledge.

Enable Google Chrome in Incognito Mode with a Single Click

The very traditional way to access Incognito Mode on Google chrome is to access the menu via clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and then click on “New Incognito Tab”. This would take you at least 5 seconds to access incognito mode on your Android Smartphone.

In this post, we shall let you know a very simple way to access Incognito Mode every time you click on Google Chrome.

  • Firstly long-press the regular Google Chrome icon on your Android smartphone.

  • This would open some app shortcuts for you.
  • Simply drag and drop the “New Incognito tab” on to your Homescreen or wherever you like it to be.

  • It’s done. Whenever you like to access Incognito mode simply click on this shortcut you just made. And you will be directly taken to a new incognito tab.

Since this is a shortcut made to access Incognito mode, you can click on the regular Google Chrome app to access the regular browsing mode also.

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For this trick to work you don’t have to be rooted or any specific Android version is required. It’s been tested on Android 7 and later. We assume the majority of the users might have at least the Android version 7 on their smartphones.

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