Endomondo – App to keep Track of your Sport

Many of you would have used Nokia sports tracker on your Nokia phones but for other phones?  Endomondo is the one for you. This uses GPS and Google maps to find your route.

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How to Download this on your phone?

Just go to Endomondo and type in your mobile number and choose you phone model (Supports Most of the devices like Nokia, HTC, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HP, Palm).

Now a download link will be sent to your phone (via sms) with a link click it and download the app on your phone.

Registration – Why do you need to register? and How to register?

By registering, the workout you do will be uploaded from your phone to your account where it can be viewed.

Click  Signup and enter Email password and full name. You will receive mail for activation.

After logging in you can fill the details like Country, DOB, Height, Weight on the settings.

Features on mobile:

  • You can select up to 21 sport.
  • Shows duration distance and speed if the workout on the screen.
  • There is audio feedback like audio coach which alerts if the goal distance (can be manually set) is reached. Also has pep talk between the two friends added to your account.
  • The settings provide the option to upload the details of your workout to your online account.
  • History of the workouts can be viewed along with the map (Google map)

Features on Endomondo Webpage:

  • The summary of your workouts can be viewed.
  • Add your friends who uses the application and challenge them
  • The details of yours and your friend’s workout is available as news (you can also comment on it)
  • You can challenge your friends or take a new challenge for the workouts.
  • Routes tab gives the detailed view of your route on map, satellite and hybrid.
  • Live maps shows the position of you and your friends where last upload have been made.
  • Also shows the statistics of the workout and distance on the graph of all the sports.

Verdict: Even though it misses several features of Nokia Sports Tracker, overall it is a good app for your GPS phone. There is only need of GPRS or WI- FI to download the app and for uploading the stats after the workout(Uses very less bandwidth).

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