Got a Wrong Order Delivered, Here’s How to Get a Refund from Zomato



Zomato is an Indian restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It provides information, menus, and user-reviews of restaurants, and also has food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities. The service was earlier launched as ” Foodiebay” and in November 2010 the brand was renamed as “Zomato”.

When you select a menu from a restaurant or hotel of your choice it may happen that the delivery agent might drop in the wrong order. It’s also possible that the partnered restaurant or hotel might have misplaced an order to a wrong customer. The reason whatever may be, its always the customer who suffers.

On Zomato with such instances which you have come across can be refunded on demand. Let us see how to get it done.

How to Get a Refund from Zomato

  • Open the app (isn’t that obvious) and click on “Your Orders” Section.
  • Search for the particular order which did not fall to your expectations, the reason may be anything.
  • On the top, click on “Support“.
  • A chat support option shall pop-up, tap on it.
  • Now a messaging section shall initiate, kindly type in a message stating your issue. They might as well ask for a picture. Take a snap and send it to them.
  • Now here is where you may need to keep a little patience. The support team will cross-check with the restaurant or hotel partner and others related.
  • Once it’s done, they will credit you back with the amount directly to your Zomato Wallet.
  • As a token of good gesture, they might as well provide you with some discount coupons or some extra cashback on your future orders. But this is not a compulsive action from their side hence do not expect this in the first place.

You can also use the above method to complain about issues like

  • Food not cooked properly.
  • Due to poor packaging or mishandling, the food arrived in damaged conditions.
  • Signs of tampering with the packaging or package was dropped while in transit.

These are some very genuine reasons for which you can demand a refund. Also please note that they do not have a 100 percent refund policy.

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