Search iPhone and Android Apps with Google Mobile Search

Few months back Google revamped its Google search for mobile and now it includes app search results in its mobile browser. There are more than a million app in the Apple app store and more than 50k apps in Android market place and searching for a particular app is a tough job. So far there were only mobile apps which logs into an app store account to search and download an app.

Now mobile browser provides all these features. Go to from your mobile browser and search for the app and include “download”, “application” or “app” with the app name, click the link and it takes you directly to the app store. The search results includes Android Market for android phone and iPhone App Store when accessed via an iPhone. The search also shows the publisher, rating, price and number of reviews of the app.

This feature is available only in U.S for some of the android phones, other country support will be included soon. There is already a voice based search option in Android phone and iPhone to search an app which is easier than typing the name into a mobile phone browser. It would be nice if there is a download button on the search results for apps that are free.

Read more about app search via Google on theĀ  official blog post.


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