5 Ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status Without Internet Connection

There are many ways to check Indian Railways PNR status using a mobile phone. Here are the 5 best and simplest methods mentioned.

Pnr status

Checking PNR using 3 Digit SMS Short Code:

This service is officially provided by IRCTC but the only downside of using it (3 Digit short code) is, you will end up paying premium SMS charges

  • Send an SMS with the text PNR followed by the PNR number (without any spaces) to 139
    For ex.: “PNR2528794587” to 139
  • Alternatively, you can use other short code of Indian railways – 5676747
    Send an SMS “PNR<space><your PNR number>” to 5676747
    For ex.: “PNR 2528794587” to 5676747

Checking PNR by SMS using 10 digits regular mobile number:

If you happen to check your PNR status for about 3-4 times a day at a specific time interval, then you may find the previous tip quite useless, as you will be billed at premium rates for sending SMS to the mentioned 3 digit short codes. Here is another service by Google that lets you check PNR by sending an SMS to a regular 10 digit Indian mobile number:

  • Send an SMS with just the PNR number to “9773300000
    For ex. SMS: “2528794587” to 9773300000

Checking PNR status using your GPRS enabled phone:

If you have a data plan enabled on your mobile, then just point your mobile browser to www.indianrail.gov.in and put your PNR status on the “Check PNR” field.

Checking PNR by Calling Indian Railways Helpline:

In case you prefer calls over SMS and GPRS, then you have another option. Just call the Indian railways helpline at 139 and follow the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response) to know your PNR/booked ticket’s status.

On a side note, if you are looking to check your PNR status from a computer system, you may use websites like Erail.in or the officialΒ Web site – Indianrail.gov.in


  1. shankar Reply

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    Excellent mate.. very much helpful.. keep up the flag flying…

  3. Raj Kamal Reply

    There are very few people knows all numbers so i am sending you the four number so you can get status in any odd situation.
    Never be dependent on only resource…

    sms PNR to 54959
    sms IRPNR [PNR number] send SMS to 57886
    sms PNR to 5676747
    sms PNR to 139
    sms PNR to 9773300000

  4. Santosh Reply

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    Nice one… was quite handy…. Keep up the good work


  5. PNRStatus.info Reply

    Checking PNR status via SMS is undoubtedly a handy and quick way. At the same time, India’s internet user base is growing rapidly making web access from home a reality. Everyday thousands of Indian Railway passengers log on to the internet to check PNR status of their Indian Railway (IRCTC) reservations. The advantage is that one does not need to pay any SMS charges.

    Unfortunately Indian Railway’s PNR enquiry page is not designed with user friendliness in mind. You may like to visit http://PNRStatus.info to check PNR status of Indian Railway reservations in one single click! PNRStatus.info lets you check the PNR status of your IRCTC reservations using a simple and user-friendly interface. This is India’s first legitimate non-governmental website to make PNR status enquiry a single-click experience.

    Simply enter the 10-digit PNR number and click the PNR Status button.

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    I am extremely happy to use this convenient way of getting updates.

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    There is a new website recently launched …

    This provides FREE SMS Alerts to you whenever your PNR Status changes or your train gets delayed on the day of your journey !

    And guess what you just need to register once on the website with your Mobile Number and PNR !!

    Redefining customer service !!

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