How To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups


Do you feel annoyed when someone adds you to a random WhatsApp group which you might not like? Do you have a lot of groups which you do not even look at? Do you find it difficult to delete these groups one by one? Are you waking up with a lot of unread message from these irrelevant groups that you are a part of? Does it become difficult for you to leave family and friends group making your sound and look rude and arrogant? Then this small setting on WhatsApp will help you to overcome all the above issues with ease.


If the below feature is not available on your WhatsApp then you will have to wait or you can register yourself as a beta tester for WhatsApp from the play store. If you have an update, kindly do it then follow the below steps. The tutorial is made on WhatsApp having stable version number 2.19.150 or 2.19.159

Steps to disable people from Adding you to WhatsApp Groups

Before you proceed, make sure you have the latest version number 2.19.159 or at least 2.19.150.

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Step 1 – On your WhatsApp home screen click the “three dots” to access the “Settings” panel.


Step 2 – Inside settings, click on “Account“.


Step 3 – Now click on “Privacy“.


Step 4 – On the resultant page, scroll down and click on “Groups“.


Step 5 – Inside groups, click on either “My contacts” if you like your contacts to add you into a group or “Nobody” if you want to completely disable this feature and click on “Done“.


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Now, nobody would be able to add you to annoying WhatsApp groups until you allow them. We still recommend you to keep the settings open for your contacts on the phone. This will allow your friends to add you to important WhatsApp groups which you might not want to miss out. Every time you need to join a group you will have to change these settings accordingly as per your needs.

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