Ultimately Reliance too launched song catcher facility!

reliance Being myself a Reliance user, I was looking for the availability of such value added services  in Reliance since long.  You must be aware that Airtel was the first operator in India to introduce ‘Song Catcher’ facility followed by Vodafone and other major cellular operators and finally by Reliance. Basically Song Catcher is a facility wherein a subscriber can set a caller tune of his choice simply by holding his phone against some music source (like speakers, T.V., Radio, etc).

Song Catcher usage guide in Reliance:

  • Call 514321515 from you Reliance mobile (Charges Rs. 1/minute).
  • Follow the IVRS instructions and hold your phone against a music source for atleast 20 seconds after beep tone.
  • If the song gets recognized by the music server, then the song will get automatically downloaded as your caller tune with a charge of Rs. 15/song downloaded. If the subscriber is not an existing caller tune subscriber then he will be subscribed to it and will be charged Rs. 30 per month.

    PS: The phone must not be in a noisy area for Reliance Song Catcher to work.

    Other procedures for caller tune subscription in Reliance:

  • Caller tune IVRS portal (Call 51234 and say ‘Caller Tune’)
  • Via Reliance Mobile World
  • SMS Search (Just SMS the film/song name to 54321999)
  • Copy from friend (Press * key to copy friend’s caller tune)

    Detailed usage guide of above VAS can be availed here.

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