Get your Favorite Website Information when they are updated!

Now you need not bother about checking out your favorite websites or blog, every now and then, to get its updated information. You can receive your favorite website’s updated information as an SMS on your mobile.

Just subscribe with the SMS alerts service from the Mytoday Grouup (Complete procedure mentioned below) and punch in all your favorite website’s rss feed url there. That’s it! your work is done. Now you’ll receive all the updated information about those websites as soon as they are updated. Further more, you need not even bother about the charges of the service, it come absolutely free of cost (Courtesy Mytoday group).

Procedure for subscribing to this service:

Send an SMS from your mobile: �REG� to 09845398453
(Immediately you�ll receive a reply with a password)

Now login to with your mobile number as the sender id and the password that you have already received on your mobile.

Go to Feeds->Manage Feeds->Create new folder.

Enter your feeds� Name and Rss feed URL there, select �send SMS� option and click the submit button.

Congrats! You�ve completed the procedure and �ll receive updated information about the website/blog as soon as the site�s feed is burned (usually it takes around 4-5 hours)

Some interesting RSS feed Url:

Mobile gyaan�s feed URL:

Zee News� feeds URL:

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