Best Commentator Award for January goes to..

First of all apologies to all my blog readers, including Puneet, for being late to announce the winner. If you remember, we announced ‘Best commentator contest‘ back in January first week wherein one commentator wins a Creative Ep-630 earphone every month depending on how he/she tip us and help co-commentators of this blog.


And its already time we should have announced the winner of the contest. So, the 1st month winner of this contest is, Srivatsan from Chennai. In the past, he helped many other commentators of Mobile Gyaan and also tipped us with many useful posts.

Meanwhile, let me remind you that the contest is still on and you can enter to win the contest too, simply by helping other commentators and tipping us with useful posts and tricks related to mobiles, details about it is here.

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  1. Puneet Reply

    Congrats Srivatsan. Enjoy music with those cool earphones.

    I wanted them, I guess Deepak must have realised that as I was very curious to know about the date on which results were to be announced

  2. rocky Reply

    Reliance 11 rs smsmpack is waste as 1ps will be deduted even if thw delivery fails and the second time u send it will get delivered but 2ps would have got the same way sms more than 180 characters are counted two if its more than 360 it is three and so on.

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