BSNL 3G Speed, Settings and Troubleshooting

bsnl3g In one of my recent post, I already mentioned that BSNL 3G services are launched in my town and its charges, but unfortunately I could not start using the services right away after getting my 3G SIM as there were some minor glitch.

But finally after a day I could manage to try hand on this 3G technology and here are the details mentioned

BSNL 3G Speed Test Results:

I already had an unlimited data plan on my CDMA number and enjoyed it, but inconsistent data speeds in GSM network (at least in BSNL) disappointed me. Unlike CDMA, the data connectivity and speed in BSNL 3G remains very inconsistent and the download speed I got initially was very low, around 20-30 Kbps that gradually increased to 300-400 Kbps and a maximum of ~1450 Kbps where as the upload speed hovered at a max of 100 Kbps. Here are some screen shots of the speed test conducted using an iPhone and an Android based phone.

BSNl 3G speed test1 bsnl 3g speed test 2 bsnl 3g speed test 3 

Though the service is very inconsistent, personally, its not a bad deal as the 3G tariff plans are very reasonable starting from around 275 rupee for 0.5 GB of free usage beyond which customers will be charged Rs. 1/- per MB. Refer my earlier post for complete BSNL 3G tariff plans.

BSNL 3G Settings:

Once you have 3G services activated on your number, you can start using 3G services by punching in either “bsnlnet” or “” as the APN on data settings section of your phone. (replace ‘east’ with your region, for ex. ‘west’ for Maharastra and ‘south’ for Chennai/Tamilnadu)

Well, before you start using the services, you need to take care of the following things:

  • You have a 3G supported phone with 3G signals receiving on it (Check for the letters ‘3G’ on extreme top of your mobile screen)
  • You have 3G services activated on your SIM
  • There is at least 50 rupees of balance remaining on your phone (incase you are prepaid subscriber)
  • And finally you have configured your phone correctly with the above mentioned APN.


  1. prasanna Reply

    I had Nokia 5800 and 3G connection. The mobile TV rates are very high. And how to adjust the mobile TV screen to Full Screen.

  2. Deepanshu Reply

    I have iphone 3g n i have purchased a bsnl 3g sim in bangalore i had migrated from 2g to 3g, my sim has activated it’s showing that 3g sybol on top but i m unable u use gprs even after configuring my vpn settings as mentioned plz help………

  3. gaurav Reply

    i have nokia 3120c 3g phone and i want to start 3g service but i don’t no some things,please help to answer these questions-

    1.what is the charge of 3g service/month (unlimited plan).
    2.can i able to connect my phone to my pc to start internet service. does i start 3g please described.

  4. bimal Reply

    i have nokia 2730 classic 3g handset. is my mobile accept bsnl 3g 256k sim ?

    • rahul rethudia Reply

      if u have bsnl sim first u convert the sim in 3g mode. for this ACT 3G AND SEND IT TO 53733

  5. Adi Reply

    i have nokia 5800 and also bsnl 3g connection…but here in allahabad (U.P) internet speed very low about 20-30 kbps…and want to speed up plz give the suggestion if u have any..!!!.. I have so tired

  6. mridul Reply

    i have a data card in which i pug in the bsnl sim but having 3g connection also it has a very slow speed…
    please tell me which apn (with number) i had to enter???

  7. Ravi Devgam Reply

    I don’t have 3g mobiles . then how can i use 3g sim plz give me some suggestion.

  8. Mohammed Reply

    Hi All,

    I am from Bangalore and stay near Majestic area. I too bought a BSNL 3G with a
    data card after Diwali. The signal strength in my area is almost 98-100%.

    Considering this, I get an average speed of 2 Mbps.

    The maximum file download speed which I observed while downloading a file form Oracle website was 575 KBps. Note its KBps and not Kbps with a small ‘b’. So that was truly amazing.

    The least speed observed in the same site was 120-140 KBps with a slight fluctuation.

    Torrent downloads with 4 file simultaneously, the total bandwith for download nearly reached 390-480 KBps, and upload was 1-1.5 Mbps.
    So effectively the max download speed goes till 4.5 Mbps.

    This is truly amazing provided u have sufficient signal in ur respective areas.

    The only doubt I have here is whether the 4200 Rs, plan for 6 months is really unlimited or is there any cap on the usage which they call as “Fair Usage Policy”.

    One more question please.
    Am using Huawei data card, model no e1752, which I purchased for Rs 3800/= Is this the correct price? Or have I paid more for this ?

    Any body who knows about this or who want to know anything about BSNL’s 3G experience can drop me a mail to [email protected]

    Mohammed P.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Thanks for posting your review about BSNL 3G.
      About price, of the data card, I am not sure about the model you mentioned. But recently I’ve purchased one from BSNL for Rs. 2000.

  9. Mohammed Reply

    Hello Deepak,

    In which city are u using ur card ? And what r the maximum and minimun speeds ur getting?

    I think you might have taken the teracomm or capitel wireless device.

    Please post the model no and the brand of the device u purchased.

    Mohammed P.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I tried it at Cuttack and Jeypore, the speed is very disappointing. I get download speed of not more than 50 KBPS with lots of downtime and regular disconnection issues.

      Yes, my device is from Telecordia.

  10. Robin guta Reply

    bsnl 3g user ..i am also bsnl 3g user using as data card.. i found one issue of bsnl 3g using in my laptop..i need ur mail to conform this issue..the problem is after connecting net continue for 1 and half hour to 2 hr ..after that download speed get 000 and you will not able to open a single web page..and again we have to disconnect the net and connect it to get the speed ..did any one notice this,,if yes or no ..try it once and let me know my email id is [email protected]. and pls give a complain about this to bsnl office

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @Robin guta:This seems very weird problem. May be there might be some problem with the 3G data card or your operating system. First try to use the same data card with any other computer.. May be you’ll get to know if there’s some issue with the data card.

    • Mukesh Reply


      Today i activated BSNL 3G pack in my android phone. I am using wifi hotspot to access internet in my lap. Initially (up to 10 mins) speed was 2Mbps after that speed drastically down to 50kbps after one hour internet got disconnected. It seems i am facing a similar issue what you are facing. I have booked complaint for this issue. Let you know once it resolved means.

      Reach me Gtalk: [email protected]

  11. Robin guta Reply

    DEEPAK thanks for ur suggestion. dude i tried different type of data card and my 3g hand set to connect to my laptop the problem is same ..i use the other laptop also..and tried at different places ..i think its network setting default…after 2 hour u will not able to get speed and not able to open single wb page u have to disconnect to get the speed back

  12. Mohammed Reply

    Hi Guys,

    From yesterday, am observing the speeds are reducing drastically. Am just getting 800-1200 Kbps or 0.8-1.2 Mbps hardly.
    Is anybody else too experiencing the same………? If yes please reply.

    Do you know why is this happening? Is there any usage or speed capping in this BSNL unlimited scheme for 3G…..?

    Or is it a network problem with some network device down?
    If anyone has any idea about this pls reply to [email protected]

    Mohammed P.

  13. abhishek Reply

    hello sir. i have purchased a bsnl 3g sim which doesnt recieve any signal through data card the message displayed is no device but when i use a bsnl 2g sim i get full 3g signal. i cant understand why 3g sim doesnt recive any signal but when i use that3g sim in any other reigon i get full signal in that 3g sim. the customer care doesnt help. please help me.thanks in advance.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      There could be various reasons for such a problem. Advise you to walk-in to a nearest support center and explain your problem to them.

  14. vikashq Reply

    do i have to buy a data card if i have a 3g phone(nokia e63) which i can coonect via usb cable and connect the laptop to use 3g bsnl service…. please help….

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      You can directly connect your phone with your laptop using a data card and use the phone as a modem. You do not need another data card if you wish to use the same SIM for browsing internet on laptop.

  15. Rocky Reply

    hmmmmm .. Robin.. For u it takes 2 hour to remain in ooo speed.. but for me witin few secs the speed is going to ooo.. I’ve to disconnect and again connect the device in such case.. very irritatting.. I’ve recharged for 2000 rupees.. very very very very lose for me.. I hate this bsnl connection.. even a gprs mobile USB connection may better than this 3g connection.. my device is HUAWEI E173.. its cost s rupees 3000..

  16. Ashish Reply

    I have bsnl connection since the time when 3g was not there .when bsnl brought up 3g i bought new 3g phone and saw 3g sign on the phone ,i was litle suprise as i have not activated 3g service yet. and can use plans of 2g and get a speed of 3G . i just wana ask that if would have converted sim to 2g to 3g would there be any changes with speed.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      I would advise you to continue using this way until BSNL realises its mistake. 😉
      Even I noticed 3G speeds at 2G rates and plans. Looks like a bug in their system.

  17. DRBASSI Reply

    Sir, i m using a bsnl 3g sim samsung galaxy 551 android which do not have any function to change only to UMTS mode only…so it keeps on jumping in both modes.and i m getting only download speed of 20-30 kB/s . from day i have purchased it.. i have tried customer care but no relief…i have tried using other 3g umts only phones but still speed of 20 – 30 kB/s nd less. bsnlnet is apn i m using . i m using it from patiala punjab.. i generally connect it with laptop using kies usb tethering or wifi tethering. plz help….

    • Ashish Reply

      it may be due less 3g coverage thats why it changes to other mode.

      if problem persits go to bsnl customer center personally.

  18. Sameer Reply

    I’m using Samsing Galaxy S. I’ve migrated from Post paid 2G to 3G Sim. I’m also getting the 3G symbol but I’m unable to install the BSNLLIVE as well as BSNL STREAMING settings that I got from BSNL. Samsung Galaxy S mobile says that the settings are not supported. Can anybody help…

    • Ashish Reply

      Well this is very rare
      1st try again and send msg to bsnl with this model no. eg.
      send NOKIA N8 to 58355

      if this doesnt work u have to make ur setting urself

      • Sameer Reply

        Thanks Ashish, I tried sending “NOKIA N8” to 58355, tyhe setting did come again from BSNL but the same problem again, the settings are not supported..!!!! I guess I’ll have to either suffer / change my mobile to another one which supports the settings…

  19. Ashish Reply

    Dont change ur mobile Its quite expensive and also have good features

    if there is option of create setting then write connection name and access as ‘bsnlnet’or ‘bsnllive’ and set As homepage and
    Leave all other as blank
    well this should work

    also if u r having extra sim of other network then try to bring setting of that sim .
    if this also fails then ask ur phone dealer to check or replace the phone.

  20. ajit Reply

    i have a 3.6 data card and bsnl sim in it.My download speed is between 15 to 20 kbps whereas my friends bsnl sim when inserted in it download speed is 250 to 300 kbps.There is no difference in plans of his sim and mine.Why is this difference in download speed.Plz advice me.

  21. Abhishek Kumar Reply

    i have 3.6 mbps data card nd i want to use gsm sim of bsnl and in it i want to use 2mbps unlimited plan. but i want to knw tht is 2mbps service if applicable on gsm sim…… and i also want to knw the unlimited teriff of 2mbps service, is this service is landline or wireless….. pls help me….

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      Yes, you can use 3g service and get that speed! For latest 3G tariff, check out the website of respective service provider.

  22. shantanu saurav Reply

    It’s not comfortable as well as photon+ depending network coverage.

  23. manikandan Reply

    Can I use 3g service in mumbai (BSNL/Airtel) on my Nokia 2730 Classic mobile? this mobile is 3g supported phone.
    Kindly inform me.
    with regards,

  24. Indrajit Chakraborty Reply

    Recently i have purchased one bsnl 3g prepaid sim (128 kb). Inserted in Samsung Galaxy GT-S7562. Not getting 3g signal. Even not able to connect to internet. But after a long try getting internet connection signal mark with E . Hardly i can open a page . I am using it in kolkata circle. Contacting customer care next to impossible. Can anybody suggest any trouble shooting to remain with BSNL services. Presently i am very much disappointed.

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