How to Enable Dark Theme on Poco Launcher

Poco F1 from Xiaomi was a super successful flagship smartphone launcher last year. The pricing and flagship specs made it a true flagship killer. The phone comes with Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64/128 and 256 GB internal memory. 12MP/5 MP dual rear camera and 20 MP front snapper with 4,000 mAh battery. 6.18-inch display with a notch and liquid cooling technology was being sold for Rs 21000.

Also the launcher made specifically for the POCO F1 is receiving cool reviews from the users. Hence the company made a standalone app for launcher to be used on other phones as well. Poco Launcher had a dedicated app drawer and is really snappy. Apps could be auto-sorted into groups inside the apps drawer. The apps could also get categorized based on icon colors as well.

The launcher is very minimalistic in looks and features personalization options, convenient search options and provides ample security and privacy for the users. Poco Launcher is now also compatible with phones running Android Q and the functionality is extended to various other models of the smartphone as well.

Step to Enable Dark Theme on Poco Launcher

1 – Download and install Poco Launcher from the play store.

2 – On the home screen long press to access launcher settings.

3 – Now select “More” from the resultant screen.

4 – This will take you to the “Home screen and Recent” settings menu.

5 – Under “Personalization” click on “Background“.

6 – Inside the background section click on “Dark” and hit apply.

Please note the following

1 – The screenshots are from Poco F1 running the latest version of Poco Launcher.

2 – This dark theme is not a system-wide theme. Only the app drawer, app vault, and the Poco launcher settings panel gets the dark theme.

3 – Dark theme on AMOLED display tends to save a lot of battery hence you can make the most out of it.

4 – The launcher also supports a variety of icon packs available on the play store.

5 – The launcher natively does not support gestures as seen on the Poco F1 since this is not a launcher oriented function.

6 – The launcher is very small in size and phones with low-end specs can perform a little better than the stock launcher installed.

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