How to Enable Parallel downloading in Google Chrome for Android


If you feel your downloads on Google Chrome for Android aren’t speeding up then this tutorial might excite you pretty well. Downloading files from Google Chrome on your Android phone might just delay downloads even when you have a blazing fast internet.


No, we aren’t going to use any third party app or an extension to achieve this. Google with its latest update has given the feature baked in for most of the users. Using Google Chrome we shall be enabling a flag called “Parallel Downloading“.

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Parallel downloading is significantly identical to Internet Download Manager or commonly known as IDM. IDM also goes around using the same method to download a single file by connecting to multiple locations. This process would speed up your download in real-time. You will not notice the speed changes unless you download some heavy files like ROM’s and others.

What is Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading is a feature that maintains multiple connections or parallel jobs to download a single file. The parallel download feature gets triggered when a download is active for more than 2 seconds. The feature creates three parallel connections to speed up the download. Earlier the feature was available only for users running Chrome Dev, Chrome Canary, or a nightly Chromium build. As of now the stable version and the beta version of Google Chrome can have the features enabled manually.

Enable Parallel downloading in Google Chrome for Android

  • The very first step is to update your Chrome browser on Android. For this feature to work as committed, your chrome browser should be on version 76 or higher.
  • Open Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags” and hit enter.


  • Inside the resultant windows search for “Parallel Downloading“.


  • Now simply enable the flag and relaunch the browser.


You have successfully enabled parallel downloading on your Chrome Browser for Android. If you frequently download a lot of small files online then you might not just see the difference in real-time. But when you download heavy files then only a significant difference can be noticed.

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