Few Tips that can Prevent your Mobile from being Hacked

These days hacking is not just done in computers or laptops but slowly shifting to mobile phones and other handheld devices. Since Smart-phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, etc are doing well in the market, hacking on these also maybe lucrative  for those who hack the computer. Cell phone worms and viruses are similar to computer viruses and they intend to disrupt the phone’s operations and pass on to additional phones too. A hacker can do anything starting from stealing your number and using it, thereby reducing your balance or steal information such as addresses or vital data.


So how do you protect your phone from these hackers? Here are few tips:

  1. If you happen to use GPRS/data on your mobile, keep note of the site or source from which you are downloading applications/contents.
  2. Check downloaded apps for security certificates. Try to use applications which are signed and are secure.
  3. It is always good to have an anti-virus application in your phone, so that even if, by mistake, you download a Trojan or virus, anti-virus programs will detect them in a jiffy.
  4. Keep your mobile’s bluetooth disabled when not in use and in case you use it too much, try to be in invisible mode
  5. Don’t ever accept files via bluetooth from unknown sources
  6. Don’t trust on fraud calls/SMS asking you to follow some simple steps (like sending SMS, calling to a particular number, etc) to win a huge money

Hope these few tips help you protect your phone from the dangers of hackers. 😉

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