Make Unlimited Free Calls Worldwide using your Computer

[Update: As per the comments received, this service doesn’t seem to be working any more. You can subscribe to our email newsletter to get notified about any such tricks in the future]

If you have a working computer (with a headset) and can access Internet on it, then you can make free PC-to-phone call to any mobile/landline number anywhere across the world. Just download and install Skype onto your computer, register for a free account and follow the simple steps mentioned below.

free international calls

If you are wondering about a string attached to this trick, then there is NO catch in using this trick to make calls world-wide, though there’s a limitation that you can talk for 5 minutes each time you place a free call but it doesn’t matter how many times you call the same number after getting disconnected. Basically this service is free as you’ll be made to listen a 20 seconds advertisement. 🙂

Steps to Make Free International Calls:

  1. Go to ‘Call phones’ option at the bottom left corner of Skype window
    free international calls1
  2. Hit the county flag drop down option and and choose ‘United States’ and call on the toll free number – 8003733411
    free international calls2
  3. Follow the voice response system and say ‘Free calls’ when prompted, listen to a 20 seconds advertisement and then system will ask you to enter the number you want to call.
  4. Now, using the dial pad, punch in the number that you want to call along with its country code. For example, if you want to call to an Indian mobile number then use this format – ‘91987654321’
    free international calls3

The call will automatically get connected but will be limited for just 5 minutes, though you can again follow the same procedure and call back the same number. There’s no limit in the number of calls you make. At times, the service remains busy, in such case you can try following the same procedure. The trick is completely working and tested!

Link: Download Skype

(Image credits: Conferencing Solutions)


    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      @ Gagan
      As I mentioned in the post, its been personally tested by me and works! 🙂

      You must have not selected the country as USA. Even I could not do it in the first step, follow the steps properly and it would definitely work! 🙂

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  2. Gagan Reply

    But buddy, one problem, they just let you make only a call from one account, I needed to create another account to make another call, otherwise it always keeps on saying all the lines are busy…..

  3. Sunil Jain Reply

    Hi Deepak 🙂
    It is glad to know that using Skype we can do so many things chat,call,pc to pc call 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for letting us the info of free calling 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Raman Reply

    But i have read that skype hacks into your system and uses it as part of its server. This eventually slows down your system. I tried using reliance icall and loved it from day 1. It has some of the simplest features in the business and very easy to understand. Moreover it gives calls to 20 countries at just 1 cent per minute with great call quality and zero drops. You can make PC to PC free calls also. Guys try it at

  5. jai Reply

    Hello. This service has been removed now. Now they say that they do not offer free calls due to repeated misuse of this facility.
    Is there any other method of making free Pc to phone calls. Pls mail me @ [email protected]

  6. Manohar Reply

    Is thr any way yet u got calling from pc to mob ?
    thankx any way

    i love this blog…

  7. B2 Reply

    Awsum man.. it reallly works.. i made 2 calls back to back.. to India nad Russia.. got the line busy for 2-3 times bt it workd!! nevr expectd..
    Thanks man!!:)

  8. moha Reply

    can you look for something for morocco celluar free calls or unlimited monthly calling plans please advice thanks

  9. moha Reply

    need help if someone can find means of calling morocco mobile free or any unlimited plans from usa i m here in usa please help thanks

  10. abubaker Reply

    hi call to mobile in every country is not free now because if u call 18003733411 they say go back and free option is available on 712323733 and it doesnt work in india and pakistan so if u know how to use it than answer me my EMAIL is [email protected] thanks

  11. abubaker Reply

    this is number for making free calls 712323733 but how
    it works from pakistan and india just give me answer in simple way thanks

  12. nags Reply

    i did not find unites states in the “choose country” !
    what am i supposed to do??

  13. MOHA Reply


  14. Shailesh Reply

    I tried the service and its working amazingly. But my headphone (Frontech) was not good. Can anybody advice me for a good headphone with MIC and cheap also.

  15. maharukh Reply

    Yes this system was working great before and I tried and I also liked it. But after sometime lately say few months ago it stopped working saying that people are abusing it. I hope it starts again or do let me know any other tricks which works on skype via my e-mail.


  16. Maha Reply


    I did try evaphone but they do not give more minutes. It only gives 28 seconds. How much can you talk in that. Atleast it should be 5 to 10 minutes.

    • Deepak Jain Post authorReply

      For now that’s the only solution. Keep giving missed calls to people unless we come up with any other solution! 😉

  17. shailesh Reply

    I also have used this service before a month and the call period was same to skype call. Only you have to bear a initial advertisement for few seconds. Because nothing is free dear in the world… 🙂

  18. yogesh Reply

    Hello. This service has been removed now. Now they say that they do not offer free calls due to repeated misuse of this facility.
    Is there any other method of making free Pc to phone calls. Pls mail me @ [email protected]

  19. Deepak Jain Post authorReply

    @Yogesh & Nehad:
    As updated on the top of the post, the free calling service has been paused.

    You can subscribe us via email or SMS to keep yourself updated about any similar trick. 🙂

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