Want to Save Instagram Photos and Videos, Here’s How to do it

Save Instagram Photos and Videos in one click

Instagram is one social network which is flooded with amazing high-quality pictures. It is one place which consists of different varieties of individuals and groups. Everyone is on Instagram today from commoners to celebrities to politicians and so on. Now personally we love the variety of pictures different accounts have to offer. Instagram natively does not allow you to save the pictures in high quality or even on a normal scale of resolution. Although you can still mark yourself a copy by taking a screenshot of the same which then seriously kills the entire purpose.

Save Instagram Photos and Videos in one click

Here is a very simple tip using which you can easily save yourself a copy of the Instagram picture or video of your choice.

Please note, this post is just for informational purpose and you should only use pictures extracted from Instagram for personal use only. Any commercial use of the said pictures and videos may attract legal consequences. Hence act wisely.

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Save Instagram Photos and Videos

  • The very first step is to update the official Instagram app or install one if you haven’t already.
  • Go to Google Play Store, download and install Fast Save for Instagram. This is not an official app from Instagram but a third party service which is free to use.
  • Open the app, toggle On the FastSave Service and click on “Open Instagram”.

  • Now open any profile and copy its link by clicking on three dots on the upper top side of the picture.

  • Finally, the picture or video you selected shall be downloaded to your local storage of the phone. The quality shall be the same as uploaded by the user.

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  • The app itself has a prescribed folder to save what you download which can be easily accessed through the file option available on the top right-hand side of the app.

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